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Newly Released Products
21328 - Mitsubishi Colt
TP Ref: 21328
Underfloor Catalyst
21288 - Ford Fiesta
TP Ref: 21288
Close Coupled Catalyst
10209 - Mazda 5
TP Ref: 10209
Front Pipe
21325 - Smart Fortwo
TP Ref: 21325
Close Coupled Catalyst
21327 - Citroen C3
TP Ref: 21327
Close Coupled Catalyst
30282 - Opel / Vaux Astra
TP Ref: 30282
Repair Flex Pipe
10214 - Hyundai Tucson
TP Ref: 10214
Front Pipe
21333 - Citroen C1
TP Ref: 21333
Close Coupled Catalyst
21329 - Citroen C1
TP Ref: 21329
Manifold Catalyst
21316 - Nissan Qashqai
TP Ref: 21316
Close Coupled Catalyst
90002 - Smart Fortwo
TP Ref: 90002
Silencer, Muffler
21326 - Mazda 5
TP Ref: 21326
Underfloor Catalyst


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Welcome to TPCATS the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket emission control systems.

Since being founded in 2002 TPCATS has developed an enviable reputation for our product quality, range coverage, availability and delivery.

Supplying distributers across Europe all of our range of Type Approved Direct fit catalysts feature a metal substrate sourced from the worlds leading OE suppliers. Metal substrates are more efficient and durable than ceramic and they will not break or rattle when fitted.

On the web site you can find out more about our range, search for the product application, find out how to fit a catalyst correctly and how to correctly diagnose a fault with the emission system.



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